Flowering Pear Poultry

Your local source for Chickens, Chicks, Supplies and Feed.  

Please note:  Due to Bio-security we do not accept drop in customers and require all customers to have an appointment.  

About Us


Head Hen

My humans have 2 small poultry farms located in Southern New Jersey.  Our farms offers many breeds of chickens and poultry supplies. They normally have a selection of larger breed egg laying chicks, pullets, cockerels, hens or roosters.  Their feed is a custom recipe developed by them and used by us.  I must say it is rather nutritious and delicious.  Would you like to try some? 


Exact address will be given when appointments are made.

Due to bio-security measures we do not allow customers to drop in.  All appointments must be made in advance.  

Unannounced visitors will be greeted by our attack roosters (Rocco, Brutus & Kevin). (Have you watched Jurassic Park?)

Approximate location

299 Upper Neck Road. Pittsgrove NJ 08318

Why purchase from Flowering Pear Poultry?

We strive to provide high quality healthy chickens, chicks, feeds, supplies and coops for the backyard poultry enthusiasts.  We usually know our birds and can assist in recommending breeds to fit your family. 

Our current breeding pens consist of: Barred rocks, Easter eggers, Rhode Island Reds, Delawares, Light Brahma, Red Comets, Buff Orpingtons, Australops, Welsummers, Black sex links, Maran Links, Leghorns, Amber links, Wyandottes, Blue Plymouth Rocks, Americanas and more.  

We do NOT sell "spent hens" (hens which have come to the end of their laying career). We do NOT attend or sell auction birds.